ISIS Plissé


ISIS Pleated blinds

If you are puzzled how to decorate your windows with an exceptional design then choose the Isis without any doubt. They also suit perfectly for glass roofs, screened glass windows, and gable windows in the form of an arc. The nice and interesting element of décor suits perfectly for the decoration of winter gardens and living rooms. The pleated blinds are made of high quality materials which satisfy all the local and European standards. The fabrics are impregnated several times, therefor they maintain stable form and do not accumulate dust for a long time.

Isis has several configurations including the ” top down-bottom up ” as the most common version

ISIS summarized:

  • No drilling holes in your window frame when attached to the glazing bars
    • Operation with wire system, lever and electric (on request)
    • Operating side can be selected
    • Huge selection of fabrics and colours, with or without print
    • In closed position privacy guaranteed
    • Perfect for windows with turn-tilt systems and windows with different shapes
    • Available in 20mm and 25mm folds


Foto impression

Available colors for the ISIS Plissé

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