Create the perfect light with our aluminium Venetian blinds. With a wide range of colours you can create a unique atmosphere in your home or work environment.

The distinctive feature of our venetian blinds are the stripes on the sides, which help to keep the blinds attached to the glass when the window is opened, it protects the blinds against ‘’flying’’.
In addition, the stripes give you the opportunity to place the blinds on windows with a maximum angle of 45⁰.
Since we only use high quality materials, are our aluminium Venetians suitable for humid areas. (Ventilation remains a necessity)
To fully enjoy the blackout mode, the punch holes are shifted backwards. In the fully closed position, the punch holes are practically no longer visible.




KALIS summarized:

  • Available in slat width 16 mm and 25 mm
  • Operation: String, Handle or chain
  • Operating side: Left or right
  • Valance available in multiple colours and designs
  • Standard version include: rope ladders, brackets, decorative top list (without sides).


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