ISIS Pleated

The ISIS Pleated Blinds suitable for turn-tilt systems. Besides the roller blind, the lace curtains and the folding blind, there is also the pleated blind.

For many people, probably an unknown concept. The ISIS Pleated can be compared with the folded drapes. The fabric has a zigzag shape and looks like a mix between blinds and curtains. The pleated are very suitable for ordinary windows, but also to be applied to special windows such as skylights, angled windows, triangular windows and conservatories.

Our ISIS Pleated gives the interior sun protection and simultaneously it gives the room a very soft light. Of course there are blackout fabrics available, which protect the interior against the sunlight and actually holds the sunlight out of the room. The ISIS Pleated are available in different types of fabrics and colors for any decor.

If you need advice by measuring the windows look on the page with the measuring instructions for more information.

Photo impressions and examples of the ISIS Pleated

Available colors for the ISIS Pleated

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